Write a scene in which you take full advantage of your novel’s point of view.

If you’re using first person past tense, for example, take the opportunity to reflect on the events of the scene or to foreshadow events to come.

If you’re writing in third person omniscient, choose a moment where it makes sense to give us a glimpse of the past or the future, or to see into multiple characters’ minds.

If you’re using alternating perspectives, explore how you can use one character’s perspective to complicate or reinforce something brought up in the other character’s chapter.

In other words, think of everything your chosen POV has to offer, and make use of those offerings in a specific moment of your novel.

(Note: You may end up needing to exercise more restraint when you actually place this scene into your manuscript, but taking your POV as far as you can right now will reveal its possibilities to you.)