Welcome To The Slow Novel Lab

Hello, writer. This is your time to do what you love. Want to take a moment before beginning to make a cup of tea? Listen to a song with your eyes closed? Stare at the sky for a few minutes and think about your story, or think about nothing?

Go ahead.

Now let's get started. Today might be a day when the words come easily and it might be a day when you have to work hard for them. Remind yourself of what connects you to your novel. Remember what you love about it.

Now begin.

Day 1.jpg

Day 1- November 1st

What you know and what you need to discover…

Day 1 (1).jpg

Day 2

Where it begins, where it ends, and how much time it takes…

Day 1 (2).jpg

Days 3 & 4 - Weekend 1

Why this story, in this moment of your life?

Day 1 (3).jpg

Day 5

Who was there. When it happened. How it felt.


Day 6

A defining moment, portrayed in a scene.


Day 7

A decision.


Day 8

Let’s look at plot.


Day 9

A pivotal scene.


Days 10 & 11 - Weekend 2

Pick up a book.

Day 1 (4).jpg

Day 12

A place as an anchor.


Day 13

A character, existing in a place.


Day 14

Exploring your point of view.


Day 15

Taking full advantage.


Day 16

Let’s look at tone.


Days 17 & 18 - Weekend 3

Checking in with your novel.

Day 1 (6).jpg

Day 19

Tension in a scene.


Day 20

A broad view of tension.


Day 21

This might appear simple. Look closer.


Day 22

Considering time.


Day 23

Experimenting with time.


Days 24 & 25

Collect everything you have.

Day 1 (10).jpg

Day 26

The climax.

Day 1 (11).jpg

Day 27

The illuminating incident.


Day 28

Some words.

Day 1 (13).jpg

Day 29

Let’s talk about theme.

Day 1 (14).jpg

Day 29

The beginning (in two parts).